Posted on: April 8, 2008 11:31 pm

Wild Playoffs

As my favorite sports season came to an end with a loss to Kansas and then Kansas going onto win the National Championship the rest of the sports world keeps going.  It does saden me to think about how long it is until next season I am also very excited about baseball and most of all the NHL Playoffs.

The Wild have made the playoffs again and it has the whole state of hockey in a frenzy.  I think its a great thing that Minnesota has a team back that will be a part of post season play and this team has been so important to this state.  There hasnt been a single game that hasnt been sold out at the Exel Center (were the Wild reside) and with a playoff attmospher in the areana it couldnt be any better time in MN.

Im excited for the opening game tomorrow night against COL.  Hopefully the Wild can handle the Av's in an easy manner with home ice advantage. The Wild have definatly made sure they take full advantage of the Home crowd.  This season the Wild seem to fair pretty well against the Av's and I think we will make it to the next round pretty easy.  That being sad COL did win the last game of the season against none other then the Wild.  That doesnt concern me as much as Nick Shultz and whether or not he will be able to play throughout the playoffs. He is a very big part of our team and our D and it would be a great loss if we cant get him back.  It would be nice to win a few for him and Foster, who is out with a broken leg.

Either way Im excited to get started tomorrow night with the team of 18,000!

Go Wild!

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